Being in the business of mobility, road safety promotion across the globe, has been Honda's top most priority since 1970. Under our belief of “Safety for Everyone”, we have infused “road safety” as an integral part of all Honda’s business activities across 40 countries.

In India too, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. follows safety as an integral part of all its business activities and has been committed in inculcating safe riding as an everyday habit nationwide as its social responsibility, since 2001.

Honda's safety philosophy emphasizes the development of appropriate technologies for its products, so as to ultimately achieve maximum riding comfort for its customers and for this, we strive hard to provide continuous improvement in our technology like advanced dual clutch technology, incline-decline detection technology and airbags etc. in two wheelers.

At Honda we use a three prong approach for conducting Road Safety Programs which aligns with our objective of:

  • Preventing accidents from happening in the first place
  • Creating road safety awareness programs, developing Road Safety training courses for all age groups & all spheres of society
  • Providing in-house training to HMSI dealers and their staff to build a better traffic environment through collaboration with society

Our different Road Safety programs covers Kids, Adults, Females, Armed Forces, Corporates, Government & Non-Government Organisations etc. to promote safety riding and provide freedom of mobility to everyone.



Honda 2Wheelers India dreams of a society where the people enjoy a collision free mobile society, enjoy sharing the road and confidently ride the vehicles. We are committed in identifying and implementing activities that can make everyone aware about road safety.

We conduct Road Safety Awareness programs for kids & adults in different Schools, Colleges, govt. & non govt. organizations etc at Pan India Locations on regular basis for different age groups starting from children to elders. All these activities are engaging eg: interactive games, role plays, virtual experiences etc.


In today’s highly active and mobile society, Honda 2Wheelers India cares for the safety of all road users be it a Vehicle user, pedestrian, kids or elderly. This is why Honda2Wheelers has partnered with local communities to open Traffic Training Parks.

Safety Driving Education Centers (SDEC) and Institutes of Driving Training and Research (IDTR), PAN India with three objectives:

  • Provide individual safety instructions to different groups in the society and communities.
  • Provide experience-based, interactive programs and numerous opportunities to different road users to think & learn about their safety on road.
  • Develop educational hardware and software aiming to enhance rider’s learning performance and safety awareness.

This initiative will help us accomplish our aim to work towards a “Collision Free Mobile Society”.



We at Honda 2Wheelers India conduct different Road Safety activities for all spheres of society at Pan India level on a regular basis. These activities are conducted through our Education Centres & Honda Exclusive Authorised Dealerships.

Some of our major Road Safety initiatives are:

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International Women Day

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Inter School
Bus Safety Championship

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Children Day Celebration