Unique practices create unique organisations.

Honda was established upon the fundamental belief in the value of each individual. Based on our philosophy, we respect independent spirit and freedom, equality and mutual trust of human beings who work for or come in contact with our company. As such our management policies focus on developing and enhancing the essential characteristics that every individual possesses - capacity to think, reason, and most importantly - the ability to dream.

Being the largest producer of 2-wheelers and one of the most admired companies in the world, definitely thrills us. But what thrills our associates most is the 'Joy of Creating', one of our missions at Honda, which promotes working for our own happiness.

If you have a passion for 2-wheelers and possess a challenging spirit, your abilities are more important to us rather than which university you passed from.

Apply to to be a part of our team. Please attach your resume in the mail and your subject line should specify your functional area, years of experience gained and your current location. Example: If you are working as senior sales executive in an FMCG company with 5 years of experience, and you are located at Nagpur the subject line should be:

"FMCG Sales -5 Years -Nagpur"

Apply for internship in HMSI, please share your profile at with email subject as below:

“Internship- <<Interested Area>>-<<College Name>>-<Year>>-<<Period of internship in months>>
Example1: “Internship-IT-MIT-3Y-1month”
Example2: “Internship-Sales-SIM-2Y-6months”
Important Notice

It has come to our notice that fake emails popularly called "Phishing Emails" and Communications (verbal, written or in any mode) are being sent by certain persons/groups/agencies using Honda’s name regarding job advertisement, job offers or employment. These emails & communications are used solely for the purpose of cheating public or obtaining private & confidential information about customers/recipients. Such emails & communications have no connection with Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (Company) and the Company does not use these methods for job advertising or job offers or employment.

There are also certain persons/agency which are misleading candidates by claiming themselves to be authorized job agency of "Honda Two Wheelers India Pvt. Ltd” or by imitating our trade name “Honda or Other Deceptively Similar Names".

They advise the candidates to deposit certain amount of money in LIEU of providing employment or interview.

Please be aware that the Company will neither ask for your personal & confidential information like passwords, credit card numbers etc. nor ask to deposit money in connection with job offer or employment. Honda advises that if you receive any such kind of email or communication using Honda’s name, Please Do Not Respond.

Here are some tips to help you identify hoax email job offers:

  • They request a cash deposit in a bank account or payment in some other forms. Bottom line is payment. For any process of recruitment in Honda no payment is required from the candidate
  • They ask for personal details such a bank account, credit card number, personal address, PAN number
  • If the email begins with “Dear Candidate”, the sender of the email does not know you by name. A legitimate source will address you with a proper salutation, which contains your last name.

CAUTION: Anyone Responding To Such Emails Or Communications(Whether Verbal, Written Or In Any Other Mode) Or Dealing With The Said Agency/Person/Group Will Be Doing So At His / Her Own Risk , Cost And Consequences And The Company Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Loss Or Damage Suffered Directly Or Indirectly.

Note: Kindly upload the resume in .pdf format only