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Honda Global Environmental Symbol

Components and connotations of the global environmental symbol

The global environmental symbol was created to symbolize our environmental slogan, "Blue Skies for Our Children", and consists of the slogan combined with graphics.

The global environmental graphics have the following connotations. The circular graphic represents the earth and sun with blue skies (clean air), clean water, and lush green land expressing the bounty of nature that is necessary for us to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy life. The white line through the middle represents a road where freedom of mobility is realized, while the heart represents Honda's thinking and passion toward our environmental commitment.

As a mobility company that strives to realize “the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life,” we pursue sustainability by addressing the issues of the environment, safety, quality, and corporate social responsibility. In our "Asia and Oceania" Region there are many initiatives has been taken to safeguard our Environment.

To know more please visit: http://sustainability.honda.asia

Developing Green Vehicles

At Honda, we are striving towards developing zero-emission in all our vehicles. We are the first company in Japan to meet the most recent exhaust emission regulations. To reduce the environmental burden of four-stroke engines, we have developed a unique exhaust air injection system and a programmed fuel injection (PGM- F1) (PGM-F1) system, which is currently in use in the HONDA VFR motorcycle. On the other hand, the Giorno Crea, is a new generation, environment friendly 50cc scooter that is highly fuel-efficient.

Eco-Friendly Factory

Honda's production facilities across the world also actively pursue energy-efficient methods and prevent water pollution by reducing industrial waste. Honda has taken aggressive initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing operations, by implementing its concept of the "Green Factory". HMSI too is actively working towards establishing an environment management system.

HMSI Environment

Expansion by addition of 11.5 MW HSD Based Back-Up Power Plant at Tapukara Industrial Area, in Tijara Taluk, in Alwar Distt., in Rajasthan - reg. Environmental Clearance.

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ISO 14001 Journey

As responsible members of society and industry, Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI), recognize that well being of humans and conservation of earth's environment is important.

HMSI got ISO 14001 certification in Dec. 2002, which is committed to achieve, environmental excellence in all its industrial activities.

HMSI will establish its environmental management system following PDCA cycle and continuously work to make it more effective. The policy will be well disseminated to our employees as well as to the public at large.

HMSI Environment Policy

  • Enhancing our Actions towards “three-pillars” of our global perspective: - (1) Carbon neutrality (2) Clean energy (3) Resource circulation
  • Maintain Proactive approach to comply all applicable laws & statutory requirements and compliance obligations and strive to go beyond in products and corporate activities.
  • Periodic review and evaluation of environmental objectives and actions to achieve the intended outcomes of Environment Management System through Continual Improvement approach.
  • Usage and consistent review of environment friendly products to realize zero impact on environment considering technological and economical feasibility.
  • Enhancement of environmental awareness and competence amongst our employees and encourage all interested parties to embrace Environment Management System.
  • HMSI Environment Policy click here.

The "Green Dealer Concept"

Started by Honda is a step further in the direction of conservation of the environment. The "Green Dealer Concept" would not only help in proper and efficient use of resources such as water, electricity, paper etc. by constantly monitoring and improving the existing systems thus doing lots of cost cutting but also reducing the polluting activities to minimum. Increasing environment awareness amongst the employees and the general public is also feature of this unique concept.

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